Boris FX Continuum Complete 2020 13.0.3 Full macOS


Boris FX Continuum Complete 2020 13.0.3 Torrent is the most complete filter and effect plug-in (VFX) for professional motion graphics, visuals, and video processors. Includes over 250 effects and 4000+ presets. One collection that fits every project need. One collection that fits every project need.

Boris FX Continuum Complete 2020 13.0.3 Full macOS

Via the Boris Transfer workflow utilities, BCC allows VFX migration between Adobe, Avid, and Apple video editing software – with parameters and keyframed information intact. Boris Transfer AE allows you to transfer Avid or Final Cut Pro sequences to After Effects while Boris Transfer FCP gives you the ability to transfer sequences between Avid and Final Cut Pro.

This app is one of the easiest ways to recreate a project in a popular visual art style by allowing viewers to focus on specific parts of the screen with just a few clicks, Praised by users. Immerse yourself in visual content. This ability to change art styles, moods, color styles, and recreate specific movie trends over the past decade is just the beginning of the features of this large premium quality plug-in repository. Video transition plug-ins are particularly well represented with tools, and professional editors can take full advantage of the 50 auto-animated presets designed by professionals, or create entirely new presets from scratch.

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Boris FX Continuum Complete 2020 13.0.3 macOS Key Features

  • 3D Objects Unit includes the popular Title Studio plugin for all your 2D/3D titling needs.
  • Instantly recreate popular art styles.
  • Direct your viewers to where you want them to focus.
  • The well-defined color palette can instantly set the mood of your project.
  • Film Style Unit lets you recreate beloved classic film looks from every decade.
  • Image Restoration Unit is the must-have toolset that saves imperfect footage fast.
  • Create seamless composites without all the layering.
  • Lights Unit offers a lighting option to fit any need.
  • Match Move Unit makes image replacement easy.
  • Particles Unit is home to the powerful new Particle Illusion plug-in.
  • Perspective Unit will turn you into the next Ken Burns.
  • Stylize Unit is designed for the fast paced world of commercial and promo work.

Boris FX Continuum Complete 2020 13.0.3 Full macOS

What’s New in Version 2020

  • New! Corner Pin Studio: Simplify screen inserts and more with built-in Mocha planar tracking and integrated color correction, light wrap, and drop shadow
  • New! Reflection Effect: Quickly generate mirror surface reflections
  • New! Cast Shadow Effect: Easily generate true 3D cast shadows with a built-in 3D camera and light system
  • New! Curl Effect: Instantly create auto-animating heat haze, surface drops, and curlycue distortions
  • New! Transitions: Add 6 more slick auto-animating transitions with on-screen controls to your toolkit New in Continuum 2020: Curl Dissolve, Colorize Glow Dissolve, RGB Displacement Dissolve, RGB Blur Dissolve, Kaleidoscope Dissolve, and Prism Dissolve.
  • New! Mocha Area Brush: Track and mask faster using paint-like gestural strokes
  • New! Particle Illusion: updates include new professionally-designed emitter, improved search, and tons of new time-saving functionality
  • New! Title Studio: updates include new professionally-designed preset templates, new materials & shaders, and overall interface improvements to work faster

App Requirements

  • Mac OSX: 10.12 or higher
  • Windows: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 64-bit Intel or AMD CPU with four or more cores
  • Memory: 8 GB or more
  • Disk: High-speed disk array or SSD storage
  • Graphics Card: Most modern graphics cards from ATI, Nvidia and Intel are supported.



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