Picture Instruments Time Fix Pro 2.0.4 For Mac


Picture Instruments Time Fix Pro 2.0.4 For MacYou may not have the time set correctly on your camera, or you may have forgotten to set the correct time zone on your last trip. At some point when the picture was taken, it is no longer clear. If you take photos with multiple cameras and want to combine all the photos in the correct order, even a few minutes of offset between the cameras can cause a lot of confusion.

If you add information from the GPS logger to the image, incorrect time stamps can cause incorrect GPS tags. If the GPS log and camera time settings do not match, mapping or assignment is virtually impossible.

Fortunately, using “Time Fix” makes it very easy to fix wrong timestamps on your photos. Load the entire folder that contains the photo in question and use the fields to define the year, month, day, hour, minute, second you want the timestamp to be pushed back and forth, or use the timezone field You need to correct the time zone, which is defined in hours. The modified timestamp is displayed interactively for each image. If the change in each image gives the correct shooting time, you can adjust the EXIF ​​data for all open images with the click of a button.

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Picture Instruments Time Fix Pro 2.0.4 macOS Features

  • Corrects wrong timestamps in the EXIF tags from your pictures
  • Corrects wrong timezone information in EXIF/IPTC-Tags
  • Can write timezone information into IPTC-Tags of pictures without timezone information.
  • Supports RAW, Jpeg, Tiff and many more image formats

Picture Instruments Time Fix Pro 2.0.4 For Mac

What’s New

  • Canon .cr3 RAW is now supported
  • Minor bugfixes

Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit



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