VirtualHostX 8.7 macOS Full


VirtualHostX 8.7 macOS FullVirtualHostX 8.7 macOS is the easiest way to host and share many websites on your Mac. This is the perfect solution for web designers working on more than one project at a time. With VirtualHostX, you can easily create and manage Apache websites with just a few clicks.

Mojave Dark Mode Organizes your virtual hosts into folders. Enable SSL / HTTPS support on your virtual host. Automatically generates SSL certificates and keys. Refresh your browser each time you make changes to your website. PHP 7.2 is enabled by default Using the actual Ubuntu 18.04 web server.

VHX can backup all of your website’s files and databases, and you can optionally store them in Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive to keep them synced across your Macs.

VirtualHostX 8.7 Full Mac OSX Features

  • Automatic web server configuration
  • Compatible with Apple’s built-in web server and MAMP and XAMPP
  • Local sharing functions
  • Customizable Apache directives
  • Built-in backup and restore options

VirtualHostX 8.7 macOS Full

What’s New in Version 8.7

  • Ready for macOS Mojave
  • Support for Dark Mode
  • Safely backup your website’s files and databases for safekeeping, and then restore them onto a different computer.
  • Use our iOS app to view your websites on your mobile devices
  • One-click installs of your favorite web apps
  • Built on-top of the power of Vagrant and VirtualBox.
  • Comes with its own self-contained Apache web server.
  • No more administrator password prompts.
  • Apple’s software updates cannot break your settings.
  • Automatically refresh your web browser when you make changes to your website.
  • Every website is available over HTTP and secure HTTPS.
  • Read what our customers are saying about us.
  • Read what people are saying on Twitter.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit



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